IMG_7427Mission: We are a community of Del Mar women that gives collectively to amplify our impact as donors.

Vision: To grow as a community that has a meaningful financial impact on non-profit organizations meeting local needs.

Values: Community, Generosity, Learning, Open-mindedness

Membership & Schedule


  • Membership is open to women of all ages (over 18) who live in the 92014 zip code
  • Minimum commitment of 2 years to join
  • Member giving requirement is $1,000 per year (tax-deductible) (plus an annual admin fee, not to exceed $100, which is not currently tax-deductible). 
  • Donations must be received by November 30 to qualify for membership for that giving cycle. Funding Instructions
  • Each member may nominate up to 2 organizations for grant consideration each year
  • Selection of finalists and grant recipients is determined by an email voting process of members beginning in early January

Annual Giving Cycle Schedule

  • September: Current Member Meeting
  • October: Prospective Member Meeting
  • November 30: Donations Due
  • January: Accept Nominations from Members and Vote on Top 20 Nominees
  • February/March: Grant Application Process
  • April: Finalist Presentations; Members Vote on Grant Recipients
  • May: Celebration and Presentation of Checks to Grant Recipients

2020 Giving Cycle Key Dates

  • October 22, 2019: Prospective Member Meeting
  • April 21, 2020: Grantee Presentations Meeting
  • May 12, 2020: Check Presentation Celebration


Organizations must be nominated by a member of the Del Mar Women’s Giving Collective (DMWGC) to be considered for a grant. No unsolicited grant applications are accepted at this time.

  • Grantee Eligibility:
    • The DMWGC supports registered 501(c)(3) organizations, in good financial standing, that meet the needs of under-served populations in San Diego County.
    • For the 2020 giving cycle, DMWGC seeks to support organizations or programs that specifically serve Women & Children in San Diego County.
  • Additional Grantee Considerations:
    • The DMWGC seeks to support non-profit organizations whose stated mission it is to serve the people of San Diego and meet an identified need.
    • We are open to supporting faith-based or faith-affiliated 501(c)3 organizations so long as our support is directed towards providing a service in a non-discriminatory fashion, and that a specific faith-based activity is not what is being funded.
    • As most Political organizations are not registered 501(c)3s, they would not be eligible for funding. Further, we seek to avoid supporting organizations whose underlying purpose is political in nature.
    • Recognizing some of the above considerations might be a matter of individual opinion, we allow the grants committee to use its discretion when determining eligibility, and we agree to respect the democratic process, honoring each member’s individual right to vote according to her comfort level.
  • Restrictions:
    • Currently, there are no restrictions on an organization receiving grant funding from DMWGC in consecutive years
    • Maximum of 2 organizations nominated per member, per giving cycle

Past Grant Recipients:

During the 2019 Giving Cycle, we made three grants totaling $30,000 to the following organizations:

Women's Resource Center            



During the 2018 Inaugural Giving Cycle, we made three grants totaling $20,000 to the following organizations:




Funding Instructions

For the 2018, 2019 and 2020 giving cycles, DMWGC has operated as a Donor Advised Fund under the financial sponsorship of The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. (Tax ID: #95-3709639).

In November 2019, DMWGC incorporated in the state of California (Tax ID: #84-3562395) and began the process to become a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. We hope to complete this process prior to our next funding deadline at the end of 2020. Funding Instructions for the 2021 giving cycle will be posted here once our non-profit status is confirmed.



2020 Advisory Board

  • Lani Curtis, Founder and Chair
  • Tricia Dixon, Events & Meetings Coordinator
  • Gena Hedrick, Grants Co-Chair
  • Cindi Helsel, Grants Co-Chair
  • Beth Milligan, Treasurer
  • Merrie Craig, Membership Chair
  • Sara McMenamin, Secretary/Parliamentarian